The Firefly ESV-ER is a purpose-built electric vehicle for parking enforcement and light-duty truck applications, with a 96-volt lithium iron phosphate battery. This new unit joins the Firefly ESV, which is a 72-volt lithium iron phosphate system. The new Firefly ESV-ER (ER denotes extended range) will allow for more than 90 miles range under normal operating conditions compared to the standard 60-mile range on the Firefly ESV. The Firefly ESV-ER also comes standard with the Level II charger.

New features include:

  • New Gauge Pod. A new, thinner, more ergonomically laid-out gauge pod has been created that features a “Park” mode, windshield washer control, heated seat control, and “Dual Mode” display. This display now adds an “Estimated Miles remaining” figure that provides an additional level of confidence to the operator. The Battery Discharge Indicator (BDI) percent still remains, but now provides the operator with a direct figure of miles and does not require any guesswork on their part.
  • Software. A comprehensive update has been provided to bring vehicles up to date with the latest production software. Some updates include: SOC (% Gauge) accuracy improved to better reflect actual percent and reduce changes caused by minor battery voltage fluctuation; stability control parameters adjusted to make the system less intrusive in sharp turns at a stoplight and off-camber turns, but still maintaining safe levels of control; improved diagnostics; provide for flash updates in the field by authorized Good Earth dealers; various “under-the-hood” updates to improve DAS functionality and enhance self-test capabilities.
  • New Door Design. A new, “Linear Glide” narrow profile door design is offered that allows the operator to park with either of the rear wheels against a 12” curb and still operate the doors. Additionally, the speed with which a door can be shut is increased and a window that can be operated with one hand is provided.
  • Electric Parking Brake (EPB). The EPB is an electrically actuated parking brake mechanism that provides integrated control of a robust parking brake. The EPB can be set or released at any time, key on or off, in or out (just like a mechanical parking brake). If needed, the operator may use the accelerator while releasing the parking brake to help prevent rollback on hills. The parking brake is automatically set when the ignition key is turned off (regardless of drive mode switch position).
  • Park Mode. The vehicle now features a “Park” mode on the dash which automatically “parks” the vehicle by automatically applying the parking brake. This mode allows the operator to simply switch the “P” on the dash as you would any automatic transmission vehicle. This simplifies and speeds operator control over the vehicle.
  • Hill Assist. The vehicle comes equipped with a hill assist button which when used will greatly reduce vehicle roll. This feature adds to the vehicle performance while operating numerous stops in a hilly environment.
  • Windshield Washer. A windshield washer (sprayer) has been installed that will allow for both windshield fluid and de-icer to be used to clean and de-ice the windshield.
  • Seat Heater. The seat heater may be operated any time the key is in the ON position, or the vehicle is charging. This provides two levels of warming, by pressing the Seat Heater button once or twice (located on the left side of the gauge pod). Low is indicated by one LED being lit, while High is indicated by two LEDs being lit. The seat heater should be used in cold weather to reduce the need for the dash heater, which is far less efficient than the seat heater.
  • Visor. A sun visor has been added to the vehicle. This visor slides in a track from the edge of the headliner down along the A pillars. To lower the visor, use two hands on either side, near the A-pillars, to pull down along the pillars. Push up similarly on both sides to raise it. Using a single hand or pulling down with both hands unequally may cause the visor to bind in the track.
  • Mirrors. The Firefly has been fitted with new, slimmer mirrors that reduce the overall width of the vehicle and provide for much improved visibility. This is accomplished by a slight curvature to the mirror that greatly enhances the rearward visibility. This mirror also offers greater adjustment capabilities.
  • Vent Relocation. The dash vents have been relocated to the just below the steering column (both on center drive models, one on right-hand models). This placement provides for heating much closer to the operator, thus improving the effect the operator feels, and reduces the need to operate the heater on High. Additionally, the vent placement allows them to be directed more widely, from the operator’s feet to the upper torso.
  • Pickup Bed. A new lightweight pickup bed with tailgate is being offered as standard equipment on the 2013 Firefly. This bed offers a traditional-style tailgate to aid in loading and unloading, and carrying odd loads. The tailgate can be locked up in the closed position or operated down in the open position. This new configuration is compatible with two new bed cover options and an available bike rack.