The TICO Pro-Spotter Electric terminal tractor is powered by Volvo Penta.

The TICO Pro-Spotter Electric terminal tractor is powered by Volvo Penta.

Photo: TICO

TICO (Terminal Investment Corporation) Manufacturing, announced the full production of its Pro-Spotter Electric terminal tractor. TICO partnered with Volvo Penta to integrate their driveline, batteries, and e-accessories featured throughout the Volvo Group into the Pro-Spotter Electric (EV unit).

TICO has secured its first orders for the model as part of a pre-series run and will deliver its first retail unit in May 2023 with full production commencing later in Q2 of this year.

“As a pioneer in the industry for alternative fuels and sustainable solutions, TICO is committed to providing cutting-edge technology to our customer partners while remaining focused on superior equipment and elite support. Fleet sustainability is a growing priority that TICO is tackling head-on,” TICO Director of Sales, Marketing, and Commercial Development Mallery Pindar said.

Power and Durability Meet Electric Design and Reliability

The EV truck combines the power and durability of the TICO Pro-Spotter truck with the proven electric design, reliability, and components of the Volvo Group, according to a press release. This means industry-leading equipment and technology, backed by a real-time service management platform, integrated battery monitoring service, and dedicated support network to keep fleet operators on the move.

“Volvo Penta is committed to sustainable power solutions that meet the industry’s net-zero ambitions,” Volvo Penta North America Vice President of Industrial Darren Tasker said. “The production of the TICO EV terminal tractor with the Volvo Penta driveline is already making its mark within the industry, and we are excited to be partners on this exciting and innovative electromobility journey.”