Fayetteville, Arkansas is the No. 1 mid-sized fleet, Buckeye, Arizona, is the No. 1 small fleet, and Long Beach, California, is the No. 1 largest and overall fleet. - Photo: Elizabeth Stewart

Fayetteville, Arkansas is the No. 1 mid-sized fleet, Buckeye, Arizona, is the No. 1 small fleet, and Long Beach, California, is the No. 1 largest and overall fleet. 

Photo: Elizabeth Stewart

Government Fleet announced the rankings for the top 20 of the 50 Leading Fleets and recognized the remaining award recipients at the Government Fleet Expo and Conference (GFX) on May 7. Ford Pro sponsored the award, which is coproduced with the American Public Works Association.

Fleets are judged on showing leadership with staff, with customers, and within the community; staying efficient and competitive; overcoming challenges; and having a vision and direction for the operation.

Ranking the 2024 Leading Fleets

Government Fleet also named the No. 1 fleets in size categories — the No. 1 mid-size fleet (500-999 assets) is Fayetteville, Arkansas with just over 800 on- and off-highway vehicles, and the No. 1 small fleet (499 or fewer assets) is Buckeye, Arizona, with just under 150 units. Long Beach, California, along with being No.1 overall fleet, is the No. 1 large fleet (more than 1,000 assets), with more than 1,000 on-highway vehicles and over 100 off-highway vehicles.

The rankings for the top 20 are:

  1. City of Long Beach, California 
  2. City of Salem, Oregon 
  3. City of Toronto, Fleet Services Division, Ontario, Canada 
  4. Miami-Dade County Internal Services Department Fleet Management Division, Florida 
  5. City of Glendale, Arizona 
  6. City of Knoxville Fleet Services, Tennessee 
  7. City of Fayetteville Arkansas - Fleet Operations 
  8. The City of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada 
  9. City of San Antonio, Texas 
  10. The University of Texas at Austin/University Fleet Ops 
  11. City of Lynchburg, Fleet Services, Virginia 
  12. City of Greenville South Carolina 
  13. Chesterfield County Fleet Services Division Virginia 
  14. County of Ventura, General Services, Fleet Services California 
  15. City of Fairfield California 
  16. City of Goodyear Arizona 
  17. City of Tallahassee Florida 
  18. City of Grand Prairie Texas 
  19. County of Santa Clara California 
  20. Collier County Fleet Management Florida 

The remaining Leading Fleets awards recipients, in alphabetical order, were also recognized at the event. They are:

  • City of Alexandria Virginia Fleet Management 
  • City of Anaheim California  
  • City of Baltimore Department of General Services, Fleet Management Division, Maryland 
  • City of Boca Raton Florida 
  • City of Buckeye Arizona Fleet Management  
  • CITY OF CAPE CORAL, Florida  
  • City of Conroe Texas 
  • City of Durham North Carolina 
  • City of Frisco, Texas 
  • City of Hamilton, Ohio 
  • City of Irving Texas 
  • City of Lakeland Fleet Management Florida 
  • City of Orlando, florida 
  • City of Roseville California 
  • City of Wichita Kansas 
  • Cobb County Fleet Management Georgia 
  • County of Sacramento California 
  • Denver International Airport Colorado 
  • DuPage County Forest Preserve Illinois 
  • Hennepin County Minnesota 
  • Leon County Sheriff's Office Florida 
  • Lower Colorado River Authority Texas 
  • Manatee County Government Fleet Florida 
  • Monroe County Florida 
  • Orange County Fleet Management Florida 
  • Prince George's County, Maryland 
  • San Bernardino County - Fleet Management Department California 
  • Sarasota County Fleet Services Florida 
  • Village of Buffalo Grove Illinois 

The Notable Fleets were also recognized during the event. While the following fleets were not named among the Leading Fleets, their accomplishments and efforts warrant recognition.

  • City of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota 
  • City of Burlington Equipment Services, North Carolina 
  • City of Carlsbad, California 
  • City of Dublin, Ohio 
  • City of Marietta, Georgia 
  • City of New Orleans, Louisiana 
  • City of Oceanside, California 
  • City of Palmdale, California 
  • City of San Ramon, California 
  • Dublin City Schools, Ohio 
  • Fairfax County Department of Vehicle Services 
  • Hernando County Fleet, Florida 
  • Houston Airports, Texas 
  • Johnson County, Kansas 
  • Lake County Board of County Commissioners, Florida 
  • North Texas Municipal Water District, Texas 
  • South Jordan City, Utah 
  • St. Johns County Sheriff's Office, Florida 
  • Town of Davie, Florida 
  • University of Virginia Facilities Management 
  • Village of Arlington Heights, Illinois 
  • 374 Logistics Readiness Squadron - Vehicle Management Flight 
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