Addressing the importance of police tire care, and more.

Jennifer Brown worked in civilian police operations before working in fleet.

From the Station to the Shop: Bridging Police Work with Government Fleet Management

“Working in law enforcement prior to transitioning to fleet management provided me with invaluable experience and insights that greatly influence the decisions I make today,” says Jennifer Brown, facilities and fleet section director for the city of Flagstaff, Arizona.

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The new design is intended to increase visibility and improve safety for frontline officers....

Canada PD Updates Vehicle Design as Part of Modernization Efforts

The new design focuses on a simpler and bolder black-on-white combination to maximize visibility both for patrol vehicles and other vehicles in the agency's fleet.

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Pursuit-rated tires are made to withstand the rigors of police work to allow for higher speeds,...

PFC 2024 Session Spotlight: Rolling Safely - All About Police Tires

The importance of proper tire care on police vehicles cannot be overstated. See how you can keep your officers informed about their tires and what signs they should look out for.

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A new, easy-align tabbed hold-down frame allows for quicker installation and adjustment of...

Gamber-Johnson Ford F-150 Wide-to-Narrow Console Box Keeps Police Gear Organized

The console features a wide-to-narrow design to maximize storage space up top while allowing ample space for holsters or utility belts, lending greater overall comfort for the driver.

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Curtis's team began the process of electrification in 2014. The team used telematics data to...

How a County Fleet Began its Electrification Journey on a Shoestring Budget

As an early adopter, Cobb County was able to save thousands of dollars in its initial transition to EVs, as well as on its EV infrastructure installation. See how Fleet Services Director Al Curtis did it, and how you can bring stakeholders onboard with adopting EVs today.

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This year's Networking Night on the Town is a chance to be with old and new friends while being...

Learn More about GFX 2024's Night on the Town

This year, event attendees will have the chance to hang out at the Louisville Slugger Museum for the Night on the Town, held on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

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6 Reasons to Attend the 2024 Police Fleet Conference at GFX

Now in its second year, Police Fleet Conference returns to GFX, the largest annual conference for public fleets in the nation. Read why you can't miss this event.

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