DEW Enginering makes Ford's in-the-door armor

Adding Armor to Patrol Cars

Officers are getting shot and killed in their cars and SUVs. Vehicle armor manufacturers and their law enforcement agency customers are hoping to make that a thing of the past.

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120 Baltimore Patrol Cars Pulled From Service for Investigation

120 Baltimore Patrol Cars Pulled From Service for Investigation

Baltimore PD removed 120 patrol cars from service while investigating a sexual assault that allegedly took place in a patrol car.

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San Francisco May Equip Police Cars with Telematics

San Francisco May Equip Police Cars with Telematics

San Francisco may soon be adding telematics to its police vehicles, which were previously exempt from a 2016 legislation requiring telematics on city vehicles.

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Nev. PD Authorizes Take-Home Vehicles

Nev. PD Authorizes Take-Home Vehicles

The Douglas County, Nev., Sheriff’s Office has authorized patrol deputies to take home their assigned police vehicles to maximize the effectiveness of the Patrol Division.

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The 622GP motor grader is a six-wheel-drive machine with available SmartGrade.

Consider Resale When Spec’ing Motor Graders

John Deere’s motor graders are now available with SmartGrade technology. Even if your agency doesn’t need grade control, consider how it might be used after you resell it.

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147 Robotics Launches Mamba Tactical Robot

147 Robotics Launches Mamba Tactical Robot

Agencies can use the Mamba robot to inspect multiple incidents, conduct EOD operations, and allow communication remotely with subjects of interest.

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SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 NMO Fleet

SureCall Launches Cell Signal Booster for Police Fleets

The Fusion2Go 3.0 NMO Fleet is designed to outperform other in-vehicle cell signal boosters with twice the output power and significantly faster data speeds.

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