Four case studies of alt-fuel vehicle use by law enforcement fleets, and more.
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There is no one-size-fits-all solution when weighing the pros and cons to EVs and hybrid vehicles. It will depend heavily on your agency’s needs. - Photo: Government Fleet

When Blue Goes Green: Police Hybrids vs. EVs

Use cases from four law enforcement fleets with hybrids and EVs on their fleets. Plus, a formula to help you calculate the cost per mile of an EV vs. an ICE vehicle.

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Receive the VIP treatment at the Police Technology & Equipment Exchange, an event geared toward you, the fleet manager. - Photo: Government Fleet

Brainstorm Solutions at the Police Technology & Equipment Exchange

Experience the 'PTEX Effect' for yourself. Apply to attend this VIP networking event for law enforcement fleet managers.

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Public sector fleet managers are partially responsible for ensuring K-9 officers are safe in their officer-handlers' vehicles. - Photo: AceK9

Best Practices for Protecting K-9s in Police Cars

The role public sector fleet managers play can help to ensure K-9 officers are safe in their handlers’ vehicles.

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Fleets need to have a Plan B, and possible a Plan C, if and when a cybersecurity attack happens. - Photo: Pixabay

The CDK Hack: A Wake-Up Call for Public Sector Fleets

How a growing number of cyber attacks point toward a need for fleets to have a backup plan if and when they are targeted.

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Bicycle patrols are cost effective, have a positive impact on community relations, and are environmentally friendly. - Photo: Syracuse Police Department/Canva/Government Fleet

Using Bicycle Patrols to Connect Officers to Their Communities

How bicycle patrols can lead to deeper police-citizen connections, cost savings, and more efficient incident response.

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A white Dodge Durango Pursuit is pictured on a blue Rotary lift.

Dozens of Patrol Vehicles Out of Service for Indiana State Police

219 of newly-purchased vehicles have been assigned to patrol duties. Of those vehicles, 40 of them have experienced mechanical failures. Government Fleet obtained a statement from Stellantis on the problem.

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What can shoes teach us about fleet? A lot. - Photo: Government Fleet | Bill Pugh

Fleet Management and...Shoes. Wait What?

Start building your fleet's foundation toward achievement brick by brick or...shoe by shoe.

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