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As purchasing a new vessel is a major project, forming an interdisciplinary team is important to...

Buying Boats for Police Operations

Your mission and budget will heavily influence what type or types of vessel your agency will ultimately purchase.

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The NYPD has opposed the bill, saying it would endanger covert officers by requiring the...

NYC Now Requires Disclosure of Police Surveillance Tech.

The Public Oversight of Surveillance Technology (POST) Act aims to hold the NYPD accountable by requiring it to release information about the tools it uses and what safeguards are in place to prevent them from being exploited.

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Ind. County Commissioners Approve Sheriff’s Vehicle Purchase Request

Ind. County Commissioners Approve Sheriff’s Vehicle Purchase Request

Many of the current squad cars on the Sheriff’s Department fleet have well over 100,000 miles on them and there is a constant need for repair.

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How to Enforce Your Distracted Driving Policy

How to Enforce Your Distracted Driving Policy

Government agencies may have distracted driving policies but enforcing them can be difficult. Training and in-cab technologies can help.

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Introducing Geotab’s Public Works solution for government fleets

Verify that infrastructure has been properly serviced while controlling costs, monitoring material usage and managing compliance with Geotab's Public Works solution.

The touch screen is environmentally tested making it a perfect choice for warehouse,...

Gamber-Johnson Capacitive Touch Screen

This device is a cost-effective solution and the perfect complement for an application that does not require fully rugged devices.

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The bar features 20 replaceable LED modules.

Superior Signals 53 Inch Light Bar

Ideal for emergency response vehicles, the light bar can be ordered to meet specific color pattern requirements.

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