2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Walkaround [Video]

2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Walkaround [Video]

James Morgan, government sales manager, explains what sets the 2020 Ford Police Interceptor apart from the Ford Explorer, what's changed from previous models, and what's stayed the same.

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The Nebraska State Patrol car was voted the best-looking state cruiser.

Nebraska State Patrol Car Voted Best Looking Cruiser

The winning photo was taken by Nebraska State Trooper Clint Zost last May, while his Dodge Charger Pursuit was parked near a tornado.

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SC Highway Patrol Creates Aviation Unit

SC Highway Patrol Creates Aviation Unit

The South Carolina Highway Patrol will add two helicopters to its fleet as part of a new aviation unit.

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The agency added two electric motorcycles from Zero Motorcycles.

Mississippi State University Adds Motorcycle Patrol

Electric motorcycles will allow officers to weave through traffic more easily than patrol cars and respond more quickly than foot and bike patrols.

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Pictured is a standard Ford Utility Interceptor used for patrol.

NYPD’s Robert Martinez on Hybrids & Testing Civilian Vehicles for Police Use

Robert Martinez from the NYPD talks about hybrid police vehicles, fleet budgeting, piloting police SUVs, and efforts to improve vehicle utilization.

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The Slimline Speaker is designed for use in undercover officers' vehicles.

Code 3 Speaker Designed for Undercover Vehicles

Code 3's new Slimline Speaker is a little black box that weighs in at under three pounds and is designed for use on undercover officers' vehicles.

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Gamber-Johnson Console Box Designed for 2020 Ford PIU

Gamber-Johnson Console Box Designed for 2020 Ford PIU

Gamber-Johnson's no-drill console box is designed specially for the 2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility. It allows fleets to mount additional devices to the console, including radios, lights, and controls.

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