Westward Industries’ new 100% electric GO-4EV utility vehicle offers a range of up to 100 miles in ideal conditions and uses a 96-volt lithium-ion phosphate battery with 32 cells. It charges in five to six hours on 240 volts and 10 to 12 hours on the standard 120 volts.

According to the company, the electric version has a similar overall feel as the GO-4 gas version but with zero emissions. The GO-4 is currently operated by many fleet departments in the U.S. for parking enforcement and light police patrol. It is also used by campuses, utility departments, airports, and more.

An electric version of the GO-4 is an ideal fit for the type of stop-and-go duties for which the vehicle is used. In most states, the costs of charging the battery is less than $1.50 per charge, reducing operating costs.

The overall compact size of the GO-4EV makes it a nimble vehicle for dense urban centers, according to the company. At 52.5 inches wide, it occupies a small footprint in traffic; however, a 2.5-inch steel roll bar chassis makes the vehicle tough. The vehicle offers two sliding doors that allow operators to easily enter and exit on either side, reducing the need to walk around the vehicle. The new EV comes with optional LED front head lights and an optional rear back-up camera.