PulseTech Products Corp.'s SolarPulse SP-24-6 is a military-tested, solar panel system solution to charge and maintain vehicles and equipment left outdoors in long-term storage.

The  PulseTech solar powered pulse technology keeps equipment in mission-critical, ready-to-roll status by maximizing battery performance. The SP-24-6 is the commercial version of the military product.

The 24-Volt SolarPulse charges, maintains, and de-sulfates all types of generators and vehicles with a 24V lead acid battery system including standard, AGM and gel types.

When mounted on a vehicle or equipment, the SP-24-6 is an entirely automatic battery conditioning and charge/maintenance system.  It combines PulseTech's patented, high frequency pulse technology with a microprocessor-controlled intelligent charging algorithms to charge, condition, and maintain vehicle and equipment batteries, extending battery performance and useful life up to five times.

As a battery ages through use or sits unused for periods of time, lead sulfate crystals can enlarge and build-up excessively to the point where they create a physical barrier across the surface of the battery plates. Before long, this build-up can become so dense that a battery is no longer able to accept or release energy.

Featuring a virtually indestructible industrial design, the SP-24-6 features a polyurethane encapsulated solar panel mounted on a solid aluminum back plate. Highly efficient the unit uses proven single-crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells.  Waterproof and offering flexible mounting options (including a portable slant option to allow for optimum solar efficiency), the panel dimensions are 9 inches by 11 inches by 0.125 inches.  LED indicators provide easy-to-understand status functions.

Easy to install, the SP-24-6 can also be also removed. According to the company, it can outlast the vehicle it is initially used on and can be re-installed on another vehicle if the owner so chooses.

The SP-24-6 comes with a one-year limited warranty. MSRP is $325.