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Vehicle Storage

Ford Police Interceptor PPV Cabinets

Pugs Cabinet Systems. The company's experienced engineers and design team worked directly with Ford Motor Company and law enforcement to come up with advanced vehicle cabinet systems for the Ford Police Interceptor PPV

UTV Lockbox

The patent-pending UTV Strongbox secures gear and valuables in the rear of the UTV. Crafted of powder-coated, 16-gauge steel, Tuffy’s UTV Strongbox keeps mud, dust, water, and other elements away from the stored items.

False Floor with Electronics Tray

Go Rhino’s space-saving design allows for use with other components of the Equipment Storage System and full access to the spare tire.

Tool Mounting Brackets

Versatile and flexible mounting options provide the most efficient and accessible solutions for tools and equipment.

RockSolid WD Series

The Rockland line is designed to deliver custom, secure, practical, functional, and innovative products at an affordable price.

E/Z Storage Vault

The storage vault is designed for law enforcement or civilian use. If used to store firearms, the vault can be fitted with interior weapon foam.

Ford Truck Security Console

The Model 322 Security Console Insert uses heavy-duty, 16-gauge welded steel construction, and features a pick-resistant 10-tumbler double-bitted lock.

CopBox Cabinets

Electronics storage location has always been a major cause for debate so the company's vented tray offers an easy access solution for officers' storage needs.