New adaptable KNAACK industrial cabinet models focus on maximum storage, versatility, and organization.  -  Photo: KNAACK

New adaptable KNAACK industrial cabinet models focus on maximum storage, versatility, and organization.


KNAACK introduces two new core models of the industry-first KNAACK Safety Kage industrial cabinet. Designed for industrial users with a long list of jobsite storage needs, each new Safety Kage model helps optimize the job site by maximizing fall protection and other personal protective equipment (PPE) storage. The line extension adds two new core models to the Safety Kage family: the 139-SK-02 and 139-SK-03.

Fall Protection Gear Needs Protection Too

The KNAACK Safety Kage 139-SK-02 is built to store the maximum amount of fall protection equipment. When it comes to something as important as fall protection, dedicated and proper storage is essential for preventing unwanted damage and ensuring the safety and longevity of the equipment.

The 139-SK-02 is designed with 32 hooks in the main compartment, providing storage for more harnesses, lanyards, and gear than any other Safety Kage model. Ventilated doors ensure airflow and allow equipment to dry between shifts.  A welded upper shelf and extra hooks on the doors provide quick access to helmets and other PPE.

Securing the cabinet and equipment inside is the KNAACK patented WATCHMAN IV Lock System with its best-in-class jobsite theft-prevention.

As Adaptable as The Job Site

The KNAACK Safety Kage 139-SK-03 provides unparalleled flexibility thanks to its patent pending, industry-first interchangeable doors that allow a customizable set-up. Three different industrial cabinet configurations are available to order, but interchangeable accessory doors can be mixed and matched to provide up to 10 different arrangements.

  • 139-SK-03: The primary model comes with ventilated doors that enhance airflow and allow contents of the storage cabinet to dry.
  • 139-SK-03C: These safety-focused cabinet doors have compartments designed to hold essential safety equipment like an eye-washing station, fire extinguisher and first aid kit.
  • 139-SK-03S: This tool cabinet configuration has solid doors for maximum security and protection against weather and dust.

The Safety Kage 139-SK-03 configurations have several intelligent updates designed to suit jobsite storage needs. For example, KNAACK removed the original center post to permit a wider edge-to-edge opening, added vault hinge doors to allow for quick accessory door substitutions, and switched to a heavy-duty three-point latching handle locking mechanism that supports a variety of padlocks.

All of the new Safety Kage jobsite storage cabinets are made from heavy-duty 16-gauge steel with arc welded seams. The steel is powder-coated for superior durability and corrosion resistance. Each Safety Kage industrial cabinet comes with recessed handles and casters, and is liftable by crane with the KNAACK 497 crane lift kit.