Mecalac premiered the AT1050 February 19-21 at The ARA Show.  -  Photo: Mecalac

Mecalac premiered the AT1050 February 19-21 at The ARA Show.

Photo: Mecalac

Mecalac, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of compact construction equipment, has launched the AT1050 telescopic wheel loader for the North American market. The telescopic loader, part of the AT Series, balances the functionality of a rigid chassis front loader with the maneuverability of an articulated loader.

The AT1050 also combines functions, such as material handling and loading, for construction, landscaping, recycling, and composting. 

A Blend of Compactness and Speed

The AT1050’s rigid chassis keeps the machine balanced by retaining its center of gravity — even during tight turns — and four-wheel steering ensures the needed maneuverability when navigating work sites.

Three steering modes enable the operator to use two-wheel steer when travelling at up to 25 miles per hour, four-wheel steer for tight turns and crab steer for moving diagonally to get the AT1050 into position close to walls or obstacles.

A rigid chassis also means that the unit loses no capacity while turning whereas a traditional articulating loader will reduce its capacity up to 30% while doing the same movement.

The AT1050 is Steady, but Also Swift

The telescopic loader can make a single movement within a radius of 12 feet, 2 inches (3.71 meters). Typically, operators need to choose between a telehandler’s reach or a wheel loader’s ability to cut, move and grade materials.

Jobs requiring both attributes may require both machines on an often-crowded jobsite. The AT1050 uses its innovative telescopic boom to perform both functions — and more.

Featuring Mecalac’s patented hydraulic quick coupler, the AT1050 can quickly switch between forks to a number of other accessories such as buckets, hydraulic
grapples, sweepers or job-specific implements.

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