Following W.Va. Governor Jim Justice's lead, several state agencies have announced cuts to their fleets in an effort to reduce spending and streamline operations.

The Division of Corrections faced criticism after an audit found that the agency spent more than $450,000 on 17 new vehicles over the course of two months. State auditors found that 115 of the division's 309 vehicles were driven less than 1,100 miles per month, which is required by state regulations. The report also questioned the need for Division of Corrections staff to take cars home, reports the State Journal.

In a release, the division announced that it will cut 45 vehicles from its fleet, reduce the number of assigned vehicles, and adopt more stringent replacement standards. All vehicles not used for transporting inmates will be replaced after five years or 120,000 miles instead of four years/100,000 miles.

The Division of Highways announced plans to reduce its transportation fleet by 122 vehicles, including cars, vans, and trucks, to ensure the vehicles kept are properly utilized. The vehicles will be decommissioned and auctioned off by the end of the year. 

The Department ot Environmental Protection also announced cuts to its fleet. The agency will eliminate 35 vehicles, comprising 50% of its motor pool and 9% of its overall fleet.

Last year, the State of West Virginia's Legislative Post Audit Division attempted to find an accurate state fleet count. After five months, the office reported that it failed to find an accurate figure due to non-centralized documentation policies.