Photo courtesy of Baltimore County Fire Department

Photo courtesy of Baltimore County Fire Department 

The Baltimore County Fire Department will expand EMS service at four stations where demand for emergency medical calls is especially high with new ambulance units purchased in September.

Four new ambulances will enhance service during peak evening hours will now operate from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday through Friday starting Jan. 4. The four units are located at the Woodlawn, Pikesville, Golden Ring, and Middle River fire stations, the agency announced.

EMS calls account for the overwhelming majority of fire department responses. In 2014, the department responded to 91,521 EMS incidents, out of 126,686 total incidents.

"Every Baltimore County citizen deserves to know that trained EMTs and paramedics will be there to help when he or she needs it," said Fire Chief John Hohman. "The demand for EMS service continues to grow, and we recognize the need to grow with it."