Uber offers its rideshare service for fleet customers — whether they need it for a day, or for...

Uber offers its rideshare service for fleet customers — whether they need it for a day, or for the long run.

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When a fleet manager needs alternative options for transportation for their customers, using a rideshare service could be a welcome option.

Uber offers its rideshare service for fleet customers — whether they need it for a day, or for the long run.

Uber for Business received a contract from the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) in 2020 to help government agencies transport federal employees at a scale.

The team that works with state and local governments consists of people with experience working in the public sector. Sebastian Reszka, senior account executive for the Uber for Business Government Partnerships Team, said it was important to staff the team with people who are familiar with fleet managers’ needs.

Uber for Business has worked with fleet managers in several different scenarios. in some cases, clients have had entire fleets taken away and have needed a quick solution, Reszka said. In other cases, clients have used the service for temporary or fixed-term solutions.

Ridesharing can supplement, or augment an existing fleet, Reszka said. It’s not about taking over a fleet; it’s more of a safety net, he explained.

What Uber for Business Offers Fleets

There are two options for fleet managers using Uber for Business:

  • Uber Central is an online dispatching tool that allows the client to book rides for people in their department. It eliminates the need for people to use the mobile app. The program does not require clients to stick to a specific schedule; when somebody is ready for a ride, the client can set up the ride through Uber Central’s dispatch tool.
  • Uber for Business also offers a decentralized approach, which uses a business profile on the existing Uber app. The fleet manager can add custom controls and restrictions for employees, who can then book their own trips.

Both approaches give fleet managers a dashboard to manage the entire rideshare program. The programs can be set up quickly to accommodate fleet managers who have lost their entire fleets, or who are short on vehicles.

Reszka explained the service does not cost money when fleets are not using it.

Potential Savings in Using a Rideshare Program

Uber for Business can save expenses for fleet managers because they do not have to handle vehicle maintenance or infrastructure costs, Reszka said.

The program also allows fleet managers to use low-emission rides without concerns about charging infrastructure. Many clients have shown interest in Uber Green, which offers hybrid and fully electric vehicles.

[Content Disclaimer: Government Fleet Executive Editor Thi Dao has a family member who works for Uber. This piece was independently written and edited by other Bobit editors].

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