BURLINGTON, WI – LDV, Inc. and Rajant Corporation have implemented a joint effort to combine portable wireless network capabilities with mobile command and other specialty vehicles to ensure the continuity of communications in and around mobile hubs. LDV will now offer Rajant’s BreadCrumb technology both in new vehicles as well as in the form of technology upgrades for existing customers.

Rajant’s BreadCrumbs provide first responders and military personnel with voice and data communications across an ad-hoc self-healing network using link layer routing that can communicate with IP based client devices, such as laptops, PDAs, video cameras, satellite terminals, networked radios, and sensor devices. Through use of easily deployable repeaters, or BreadCrumbs, rapid setup and reliable connectivity of the network can be achieved.

Breadcrumbs are small, portable, mobile, self-configuring, battery powered, self-meshing, self-healing wireless meshing bridges and access points, based on 802.11b wireless LAN technology, which allow stand-alone networks to quickly organize in places where there is no standing infrastructure and require no network administration (“one button on”).

The BreadCrumb network will mesh with and extend the existing LDV vehicle network out, with virtually no limit to distance depending on the number of BreadCrumb units used. Personnel will be able to utilize palm pilots, cameras, laptops, and VoIP phones all connected back to the LDV vehicle.

LDV will be featuring Rajant BreadCrumb technology through sales agents, parts catalogues, and technology upgrade packages.