The Town of Hempstead, N.Y., is taking back 40 cars and trucks that were used as take-home vehicles by town staff members. Town Supervisor Don Clavin made the promise to eliminate many take-home vehicles to generate savings during his election.

“I’m pleased to terminate the use of dozens of vehicles for commuting purposes by government employees,” Clavin stated in a release. “While I recognize the need for using certain government vehicles during work hours, my priorities include reducing the cost of government services for taxpayers in our township.  Accordingly, I am drastically curtailing the use of take-home vehicles, which will offer real taxpayer savings.”

In the first phase of the new policy, 40 cars were turned in. Nineteen of these will be turned into departmental pool cars that will be accessible to employees during the workday and in emergency situations. The motor pool is projected to save $154,000 over five years. The remaining 21 vehicles will be sold or repurposed, which is expected to generate savings of $462,000.

Total savings is expected to be $616,000 over five years. Factors calculated in savings estimates include reduction of fuel costs, wear-and-tear on vehicles, reduced maintenance and repair costs, reduction of liability risks which result in settlement of accident claims. Additionally, the town will realize revenues through the sale of some of the unneeded cars, SUVs, and trucks that will no longer be used for take-home and on-the-job tasks.

A comprehensive review of all vehicles within the town’s fleet will be ongoing, including an assessment of usage and necessity.

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