Ecco Incorporates Safety Tech Into Truck Lighting

Image courtesy of Ecco

Ecco Safety Group plans to continue working with Haas Alert to integrate its Safety Cloud collision prevention service into Ecco products. Ecco’s Connected Safety solution, which integrates with Ecco’s lineup of reliable warning lights, allows drivers to receive digital alerts when commercial and public service vehicles are active in the roadway.

Haas Alert’s Safety Cloud uses vehicle communication technology to enable first responders and roadway workers to alert other drivers on the road. When first responders, tow trucks, and other roadway workers are on the road or on the way to a call, nearby drivers receive real-time alerts through Waze and other navigation apps.

Digital alerting grabs the attention of distracted drivers, giving them additional time to slow down and move over. Ecco and Haas Alert are committed to reducing roadway collisions and worksite injuries.

Ecco launched its Connected Safety solution powered by the Haas Alert Safety Cloud earlier this year, making its debut in Ecco’s Code 3 line of safety lighting for public safety fleets.