The Digital Rearview Mirror offers a field of view that is twice the width of a conventional...

The Digital Rearview Mirror offers a field of view that is twice the width of a conventional rearview mirror.

Photo: Ford Pro

For drivers of 2023 Ford Transit and E-Transit vans, help has arrived with Ford Pro's Digital Rearview Mirror that provides a high-definition view of the road behind.

“Cargo van drivers often contend with an obstructed view of the area behind their vehicle,” said Christian Kreipke, Ford assistant brand manager for vans. “You can imagine how difficult that makes maneuvering in a crowded parking lot or city street. The Digital Rearview Mirror is an invaluable tool for delivery drivers, especially for those making multiple deliveries every day.”

While the Digital Rearview Mirror looks like a conventional rearview mirror it is actually a high-definition screen that displays a panoramic view of the area behind the van. This helps drivers spot cyclists, pedestrians and other vehicles that may be behind them, even when a bulkhead, cargo, passengers or windowless rear doors are in the way.

A camera located next to the center high-mounted brake light at the rear of the vehicle shows a live feed on the monitor and is designed to project even in harsh weather conditions

Fleet managers and their drivers can also benefit by connecting in-vehicle data to Ford Pro’s software, such as Ford Pro Telematics3 and E-Telematics4, which help track driving habits and monitor important vehicle maintenance milestones.

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