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Driver Safety

Pa. County Sending Fleet Drivers to Training

Westmoreland County, Pa., is sending more than 600 workers eligible to operate county vehicles to classroom and on-the-road instruction.

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Fentanyl-Laced Flyers Found on Sheriff Vehicles in Texas

A sergeant with the Harris County (Texas) Sheriff’s Office was hospitalized after coming in contact with a fentanyl-laced paper flyer found on her fleet vehicle.

LA Sheriff Pays $12M for Distracted Driving Collision

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will pay $11.75 million after a deputy swerved and killed a bicyclist while typing on his laptop.

Safety Monitor Detects Driver Distraction and Drowsiness

Denso has released a driver status monitor that checks for distractions, drowsiness, sleep, or inappropriate posture in order to prevent potential accidents.

Officer Injury Prompts Calif. City to Add Ballistic Doors

The City of Sacramento, Calif., patrol cars will soon have ballistic doors, with the city council voting to approve more than $440,000 to buy the ballistic panels.

N.J. City University Reduces Preventable Collisions

The New Jersey City University has reduced its preventable collisions by 54% in calendar-year 2017 compared to the prior year.

NYC Parks Develops Online Fleet Driver Training Program

New York City's Parks Department will roll out a new online fleet training program for drivers in May. The program allows the department to administer, track, and deliver fleet-related courses through a software application.

When Are Policies Too Strict?

Before writing a policy that will last for years, determine whether it’s the best one. Would a typical employee follow the policy?

Pa. County Creates Stricter Driver Policies

Westmoreland County, Pa., fleet drivers will have to complete safety driving classes after minor collisions before getting back behind the wheel, according to the city’s revised driver policy.

The Role of GVWR and GCWR in Spec'ing Work Trucks

Make sure the trucks you buy are designed for their intended purposes with properly specified GVWR and GCWR.