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It might be tempting to think that with more employees working remotely and fewer vehicles on the road, the roads are safer, but that assumption is dangerously wrong. With fewer vehicles commuting, speeding is more prevalent than ever. Gain insights on speeding situations from a Lytx safety expert and learn how to address the issue with your drivers.

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Top 5 Most Common Risky Fleet Behaviors Identified

Of 3 million events coached this summer, the following five risky behaviors were the most prevalent, with drivers not wearing seatbelts and unsafe following distance together accounting for 54% of the top five, according to Lytx Data.

Ford Issues Recall for Select 2020-MY Vehicles

This recall impacts affects 55,158 vehicles in the United States and federal territories, which includes the Ranger, F-150 equipped with 10-speed automatic transmission and Expedition vehicles with the police package and 10-speed automatic transmission.

Tips to Reduce Fleet Driver Exposure to COVID-19

Whether you’re a delivery fleet driver, a roadside technician, or any other type of driver that interacts with other people, there are steps you can take to reduce the potential exposure to COVID-19 coronavirus.