Graph: Average Purchase Price

On average, 4x4 trucks cost 7% more than 4x2s.


On average, 4x4 trucks cost 7% more than 4x2s.

Graph courtesy of Utilimarc

Among utility fleets, the 4x4 light-duty service truck has grown steadily in popularity over the past five years, and it has a lower operating cost (excluding fuel), according to recent data from Utilimarc. The company published a report on the strength of the light-duty service truck, comparing 4x4 and 4x2 models across five years (2012-2016). It includes information about purchase prices, operating cost, miles driven, days between scheduled and unscheduled repairs, age, and drive type percentage.

The purchase price of 4x4s was generally higher than 4x2s. However, the average purchase price of 4x2s increased more over this time period — 21.4% to $69,161 for the 4x2 vs. a 14.3% increase to $75,807 for the 4x4s.

Operating costs rise with the age of the vehicle, and the average 10-year operating cost (without fuel) of the 4x4 is lower than the 4x2 — 26 cents vs. 28 cents.

The 4x4 is also driven more, on average 2,380 more miles annually than the 4x2.

While the 4x2 beats the 4x4 in days between scheduled repairs (101 days vs. 97 days), the opposite was true for unscheduled repairs. The 4x4 had a historical average of 45 days between unscheduled repairs, while the 4x2 averaged 43 days.

Graph: Drive Type Percentage

The 4x4 is the more popular drive type among utility fleet light-duty service trucks, steadily...

The 4x4 is the more popular drive type among utility fleet light-duty service trucks, steadily climbing from 41% to 54%.

Graph courtesy of Utilimarc

Between 2012 and 2016, the popularity of the 4x4 has risen in comparison to the 4x2. The 4x4 made up 41% of light-duty service trucks in 2012, and by 2016, this number had risen to 54%. This is similar to earlier data from Utilimarc for light-duty pickup trucks, which noted that 4x4s have also become more commonly used.

To view the full spotlight, visit the Utilimarc website.

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