Federal fleets will soon have new policies to follow.

Federal fleets will soon have new policies to follow.

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President Donald Trump has issued an executive order for efficient federal operations, revoking a 2015 executive order calling for fleet greenhouse gas reductions and telematics implementation. The new executive order (E.O. 13834) states that heads of federal agencies will review existing federal vehicle fleet requirements and determine how to optimize fleet performance, reduce costs, and streamline reporting and compliance requirements. Law enforcement, protective, emergency response, or military tactical fleets may be exempt from the provisions of the executive order.

The now-revoked E.O. 13693, issued by President Obama, called for agencies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions per mile by 30% by fiscal-year 2025, using FY-2014 as a baseline. It also prioritized the acquisition of electric vehicles for emissions reduction, and procuring telematics for data collection.

The new executive order is “vague on what it is directing people to actually do,” said Gary Hatfield, associate vice president for Mercury Associates and the fleet consulting company’s federal fleet expert.

While this is being discussed and until department heads provide guidance and instruction on the new executive order, the requirements of the revoked E.O.13693 remain in effect. Agencies have been instructed to maintain the status quo until further notice, Hatfield said.

The Council on Environmental Quality’s preliminary input is that it wants agencies to manage their fleets as efficiently as possible to meet federal requirements while also allowing maximum flexibility, he added.

The Department of Energy is establishing a steering committee composed of the Department of Defense, General Services Agency, and other federal reps to address the new executive order. The group expects to publish its findings by mid-September.

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