Sacramento Deploys Digital License Plates

Photo courtesy of Reviver Auto

The City of Sacramento (Calif.) is the first city to install digital license plates on its fleet vehicles. The city has installed 24 Rplate Pro digital license plates on its Chevrolet Bolt EVs, according to Rplate Pro manufacturer Reviver Auto.

Mark Stevens, fleet manager for the City of Sacramento, said the digital plates allow the city to oversee the movements and mileage of electric vehicles. The plates will also issue a signal if they are stolen. The Bolts are being used in city departments including Public Works, Utilities, and Community Development.

Stevens added the plates can also be used to display messages, such as public service announcements and Amber Alerts. Messages will not obscure the license plate number when the car is being driven. He noted that the digital plates cost slightly less than the GPS system the city uses for its gas-powered vehicles.

“The Rplate Pro offers a host of capabilities that will not only help us better manage our fleet, but will also serve a critical role in communicating with our residents,” said Stevens. He noted the city would continue installing digital plates as it adds more electric vehicles to comply with the city’s sustainability requirements.

The Rplate Pro transforms the traditional license plate into a multi-functional digital display and connected vehicle platform to make driving safer and smarter. Features include automated registration renewals, charity plate options, personal messages, vehicle locator, safety alerts, stolen vehicle information, payment solutions for parking and tolls, and marketing capabilities.

Sacramento’s adoption of the Rplate Pro is part of its ongoing commitment to becoming a hub for innovation and technology. The city has launched the Sacramento Urban Technology Lab, a framework within which entrepreneurs, advanced technology businesses, and academic institutions collaborate to solve real world problems and accelerate quality of life improvements. Reviver Auto recently took part in “Tech Night,” a theme event hosted by the Sacramento Urban Technology Lab and the Sacramento Kings basketball team to showcase cutting-edge technology and celebrate the King’s dedication to innovation.

The State of California is also testing the devices. According to the Sacramento Bee, the state legislature ordered the DMV to explore digital license plates and report back by July 2020.

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