The primary innovation of Jotto Desk's new ZRT Gun Rack is the lock head. The lock body is made from Zinc Z12 Allow, which will deform instead of break or fracture. Accessing the fire arm is easier than traditional lock head, which require the officer to pull open a "door." The lock head's custom silicone insert protects the firearm and reduces noise and rattling.

Additional features of the lock head include SmartLok technology, which eliminates the opportunity to steal a firearm by manipulating the power, and plug-and-play cables simplify installation. The 3-inch Momentary Switch Cable and 8-inch Lock Head Cable simply plug into the timer without crimping. 

The actual gun rack has been designed from the ground up. The injection-molded Butt Plates are made of durable polycarbonate and secured to the side of the 1.5-inch square extruded backbone, allowing for individual weapon adjustability based upon the setup of the vehicle. The AR side can easily be positioned higher to eliminate a stock or sling getting hung up on an armrest when the officer needs his weapon. All brackets secure into one of four channels with security hardware and the robust nature makes theft attempts with a pry bar or flat bladed screw driver an exercise in futility.

Not every AR-15 is identical and the area that affects gun racks the most is the stock. The ZRT Gun Rack is designed to be field-adjustable by an officer, and allows multiple AR-15’s with various stocks to fit into one gun rack.