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Bulletproofing a Vehicle with Ease

Hardwire offers an affordable way to add ballistic protection to a police vehicle without major modifications or difficult installation.

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Louisville’s Only Helicopter Out of Service for a Third of 2017

The Louisville (Ky.) Metro Police Department only owns one helicopter, a 2001 model that is out of service often and comes with high maintenance costs.

Texas Sheriff to Purchase Boat for Chemical Spills

The Harris County (Texas) Sheriff’s Office will be purchasing a $1.1. million boat with a pressurized cabin to help deputies respond to chemical spills.

Police Chief Arrested for Fuel Theft

The Chief of the French Settlement (La.) Police Department was arrested for using a fleet fuel card to purchase 24 gallons of fuel for his personal truck.

Fla. Sheriff Grows Drone Fleet to 29

The Broward County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office has purchased new drones to be used for public safety missions.

Ga. County to Replace Quarter of Fleet

Barrow County, Ga., has created a fleet replacement policy and identified that a quarter of its vehicles need immediate replacement.

Kan. Municipality Revamps Bike Patrol Unit

The City of Pittsburg, Kan., has re-energized its bike patrol unit with more structure, dedicated patrol officers, and six new mountain bikes.

NYPD's Pride Police Car

The New York Police Department's pride car is driven each day for the month of June. Watch NYPD fleet technicians change out decals for its police car as well as residents' reactions to the vehicle.

Fentanyl-Laced Flyers Found on Sheriff Vehicles in Texas

A sergeant with the Harris County (Texas) Sheriff’s Office was hospitalized after coming in contact with a fentanyl-laced paper flyer found on her fleet vehicle.

License Plate Data Now Shareable Between Patrol Cars

Plate Link allows two separate patrol vehicles to be assigned to a zone and work in unison as if they were a single vehicle.