Stertil-Koni's transmission jack brings new capabilities to the shop floor, including increased lifting capacities, new x-shaped base frames for improved stability and access, broadened base frames, fine-tuned adjustments to place the jack in the optimal position, and added hydraulics for one-touch lifting and easy lowering.

The fully hydraulic telescopic system can support 3,500 pounds at a speed of 30 inches per minute with a lifting range of 37 to 74 inches. Full-swivel dolly wheels ensure a tight turning radius with mechanical locks for safety. 

Stertil-Koni transmission jacks are constructed with heavy steel framing and assembled to the highest industry standards. The jacks are available in a battery-operated format and pneumatic format, compared to traditional transmission jacks that were manually hand-pumped. The battery-operated jack can be charged overnight and used without cables. The pneumatic jack has an attached air hose to keep it working.

The adaptable transmission jack can be used for a variety of service jobs in fleet maintenance facilities, including the servicing of transmissions, diesel particulate filters, gas tanks, rear and front differentials, and secondary auxiliary tasks that require lifting heavy loads in tight spaces.