The D4-12A comes with free-floating, heavy-duty turnplates and rear slip plates built right into...

The D4-12A comes with free-floating, heavy-duty turnplates and rear slip plates built right into the runways for maximum convenience.

Photo: Dannmar

Dannmar's new D4-12A alignment lift can be used to perform two- or four-wheel alignments and general service work on cars, SUVs and light trucks weighing up to 12,000 pounds.

“The D4-12A is such a versatile piece of equipment, it’s like getting two lifts in one: an alignment lift and a service lift,” said John Vera, Dannmar product specialist. “It’s convenient for shops that don’t want to dedicate an entire bay to alignments — with a Dannmar D4-12A, the same lift can be used for oil changes, undercar service and even wheel and brake work with the addition of rolling jacks.”

The D4-12A comes with free-floating, heavy-duty turnplates and rear slip plates built into the runways allowing for precise alignment and maximum clearance to accommodate even low-slung vehicles. With the addition of alignment equipment, the lift can be used to perform four-wheel alignments from 106 to 158.5 inches and two-wheel alignments up to 163.5 inches.

With a maximum lifting height of 78 inches, the lift features an automatic leveling system with multiple auto-leveling locking positions in each column and a push-button safety release. The non-skid runways adjust for various tread widths. The D4-12A runs on an electric/hydraulic power system with a single hydraulic cylinder mounted under a runway. All heavy-duty aircraft-grade lifting cables, safety locks and sheaves are fully enclosed for protection from the elements.

Available Accessories

  • DJ-6000 Rolling Bridge Jacks: Lift all four wheels off the runways to release the vehicle’s suspension and free up the wheels and tires. The optional Dannmar integrated rolling bridge airline kit mounts and secures the bridge jacks’ airline to the bottom of the lift runways so it’s out of the way and ready to go.
  • DP-30 Rolling Oil Drain: Designed to smoothly slide along the rails integrated in the D4-12A runways, the DP-30 has a 15-gallon capacity, a removable steel mesh cover to catch any debris, and a built-in drain nozzle.
  • LITESTIX LS36SMD Portable Work Lights: The lights use 36 cool LED bulbs to provide 1,200 lumens of bright light for hours between charges.