Larson Electronics' 70 Watt Portable LED Light provides 6,020 lumens of light output from high-output LEDs fitted within an aluminum housing with ¾-inch thermal shock- and impact-resistant tempered glass.

A thermoset powder coated finish and threaded joints lubricated with non-drying lubricant provide added durability and reliable explosion proof protection. The 70-watt lamp produces higher quality illumination with better color rendering and contrasting than typical 400-watt halogen lamps. It produces a 40-degree flood pattern of light that's ideal for high vibration environments and general illumination in any confined space such as tanks and manholes. The lamp can be easily adjusted up or down 90 degrees and locked into position by simply loosening the two hand screws located on either side of the light head.

The fixture includes a 70-watt LED light head mounted atop a 12 ½-inch diameter circular base that's fabricated from non-sparking spun aluminum and includes a convenient carrying handle mounted to the top of the light head. The aluminum base has three 200-pound grip magnets and three 100-pound grip magnets to allow the fixture to be temporarily mounted to any metallic flat surface for maximum stability.