Larson Electronics' EPLCD-48-216 paint booth cart light is designed to provide a high output, mobile lighting solution that can be easily maneuvered about the work area.

The EPLCD-48-216 explosion proof paint spray booth light on a dolly cart from Larson Electronics is a powerful lighting solution for those who need the full power illumination of a permanent fixture as well as the mobility of a portable light.

This Class 1 Division 1 and Class 2 Division 1 and 2 cart-mounted fixture provides operators the ability to quickly and easily add a high-output light.

Equipped with Larson's EPL-48-216 explosion-proof fixture, this cart draws only 216 watts of power while producing 20,000 lumens of light. The new cart design on this paint booth light features copper-free aluminum construction, four wheels, and a new fold down handle.

Operators can roll this unit in the upright position or lay flat, and the long fold-down handle allows operators to easily slide the cart underneath vehicles and paint booth projects without having to get down on their knees to position the light.

Included with this unit is 50 feet of abrasive and chemical resistant SOOW cord equipped with an explosion proof plug to provide safe power connections and ample length for moving the unit around the work area. This paint booth light is designed to run on universal voltages ranging from 120 to 277 VAC.