The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is giving fuel-conscious fleets two more SmartWay-verified retread products to help reduce their operating costs.

Goodyear’s G392A SSD UniCircle and G394A SST UniCircle wide-base retread products have earned SmartWay verification, according to the tiremaker.

Goodyear recently launched its new Fuel Max LHD G505D truck tire, North America’s most fuel-efficient long haul tire, which also is SmartWay-verified. (Click here for more details.)

The G392S SSD and G394A SST wide-base retread products are offered with Goodyear’s exclusive UniCircle Technology, whose spliceless design matches the shape of the tire’s casing. Because there is no cutting or splicing during the UniCircle tread application process, the retreaded tires are uniform and balanced, which helps extend casing life and mileage.

In addition, the G392A SSD UniCircle boasts a 24/32-inch tread depth, while the G394A SST UniCircle has a 12/32-inch tread depth. Both products’ tread designs are optimized to help provide a uniform footprint, long miles to removal and confident handling, and are available to fit size 445/50R22.5 casings.