Snap-on introduced its new Two-Speed Tilt-Back Tire Changer (EEWH326A), which is designed to reduce the amount of time it takes to dismount and mount tires for cars and light-duty trucks.

This tire changer features a two-speed turntable that offers a forward speed of 14 RPM to provide faster throughput when mounting the initial bead.

The tilt-back design speeds setup and allows for a 15-inch tire and rim clearance. The turntable is reversible in the event the mount/dismount head jams during the mounting process, and the turntable is capable of clamping rims on the outside up to 28 inches. An integrated integrated laser-guided mount/dismount head precisely locates the edge of the wheel, minimizing damage, according to the company. A three-position bead breaker covers applications with taller sidewalls, such as SUVs and light trucks. The Pneumatic Bead Assist feature aids user when mounting low-profile tires with stiff sidewalls, and a plastic protection on mount/dismount head and clamping jaws prevents accidental rim damage, among other features.