Lista International Corporation offers its Technician Series toolbox. This toolbox features a fully-welded drawer and construction housing and each comes in a range of sizes and footprints.

They are tested to the RAL-RG 614 standard from the German Institute of Quality Assurance and Marking, requiring them to meet a required number of cycles while fully loaded, without diminished performance, according to Lista.

All drawers are full extension, with a 440 lb. capacity. Drawers come standard with a mesh drawer liner, or can be equipped with a variety of other divider options. Worktops transform the toolbox cabinet top into a work area, and work surfaces include stainless steel, butcher block, galvanized steel, plastic laminate, or retainer top with rubber mat.

The Technician Series features base options ranging from mobile casters to fixed fork truck bases to stationary raised bases with leveling. Each comes in 5 gloss powder-coated colors, and two-tone color schemes are available.