Clore Automotive introduced a digital battery and system tester with integrated printer, Model No. BA327, from SOLAR. This model is a testing solution for 6- and 12-volt batteries and 12- and 24-volt charging systems.

This model features an expanded range and is now optimized to test four battery types, including SLI (flooded), AGM Flat Plate, AGM Spiral Wound, and Gel Cell batteries.

According to Clore, the tester can provide a quick, accurate assessment of battery condition and starting and charging system performance. The operator can perform a battery test, a system test, or both from the device’s home screen. The tester walks a user through the test sequence, prompting him or her for necessary information. It also incorporates number of features designed to improve convenience during testing, including reverse polarity protection, extra-long cable leads reaching 10 ft., and a rugged case.

The tester also features an integrated printer, which can provide service documentation in seconds, according to Clore. The printer uses standard thermal paper available at office supply stores. If required, a user can bypass the printing stage.

Another tester feature is a counter that tracks the number of battery and system tests performed, allowing a shop to track tester usage. Users can assign a unique code for each battery test performed in order to provide warranty or service documentation.