Branick has added a two-bar tire safety cage to its product lineup. Primarily used on service trucks, the collapsible cage brings durability and efficiency to field tire repair.

According to the company, Branick is the only cage manufacturer using the highest quality, 2-1/4-inch  diameter, high yield steel tubing that has expansion properties to ensure strength and durability.

All meet OSHA requirements and the arched tube design is engineered for maximum energy displacement. The new Model 2220 is easy to mount to any service truck and works in all environments. It stands 60.5-inches tall and can handle tires with a maximum width of 22-inches (cross section) and maximum tire diameter of 54-inches.

Branick offers a wide variety of tire safety cages for passenger to truck tires. Branick also offers cages with mesh for additional safety against debris. For more information contact Branick at (800) 437-4394.