Buyers Products offers DumperDogg dump inserts for use with pickup trucks, which turns the regular pickups into dump trucks.

The inserts are available in 12-gauge steel and 304 stainless steel, for both 6- and 8-foot truck beds, as well as in polymer for 8-foot truck beds. The steel and stainless steel DumperDogg inserts have a 2-cubic-yard capacity in the 8-foot truck insert and a 1.5-cubic-yard capacity in the 6-foot insert. The polymer insert has a 1.6-cubic-yard capacity.

DumperDogg inserts feature a structural steel frame with a black powder coat finish for corrosion resistance. Sturdy 3/4-inch tailgate hinge pins provide support for the inserts’ payload capacity of 6,000 lbs. The 1.5-kilowatt motor for the hydraulic pump can be operated from inside the truck cab using the tethered control box for power-up and power-down. Dump angles on the inserts range from 0- to 40-degrees.

Along with heavy-duty construction, the inserts feature a double-pivoting, removable tailgate. DumperDogg inserts also come standard with safety features that include a manual safety bar and tailgate chains.

DumperDogg pickup inserts are also available with optional bolt-on cab guards, tarp kits and wall extension brackets.