Hennessy Industries has released the COATS Model 70X Leverless Tire Changer, the newest addition to its popular X-series line of tire changers. In addition to the release of the 70X Leverless, Hennessy introduced the COATSEL-X Express Lane Inflation System as an optional feature for all COATS Rim Clamp tire changers.

The COATS 70X Leverless model features a unique leverless mount/demount head that eliminates the use of manual tire tools, and an exclusive swing arm locking mechanism that greatly reduces the operator effort required to change even the most challenging applications. This latest addition to the Rim Clamp family includes all the value-added features of the X-Series line, including Advanced Clamp Positioning and COATS' exclusive Oil Injection System.

"The 70X Leverless was designed to maximize capability and efficiency across a broad range of tire and wheel fitments, while maintaining COATS' rugged durability, familiarity and ease of use," said Kevin Keefe, Hennessy Industries' vice president of marketing. "Aside from its obvious capability enhancements, the leverless system also delivers increased productivity compared to traditional mount/demount systems."

In addition to the 70X, COATS has introduced the COATSEL-X Express Lane Inflation System as an upgrade option for all COATS tire changers. Designed to reduce bay times, the EL-X provides time savings of 20 percent or more on a four-tire ticket compared to the conventional inflation process. In addition to the productivity improvements, the EL-X system is highly accurate, inflating tires to +/- 0.5 PSI of desired pressure in order to reduce TPMS-related comebacks.

To illustrate the benefits of the EL-X Express Lane Inflation System, Hennessy Industries' newly redesigned website features a head-to-head demonstration video, pitting the COATS 70XEH3 Tire Changer against the COATS 70XEH3 with the EL-X Express Lane Inflation System.