The Spectrum 375 and 625 X-TREME Plasma cutters released by Miller Electric Mfg. Co. have been re-engineered to deliver more power in the same portable packages, according to the company.

The Miller XT torch features an ergonomic design that includes a unique thumb guide, finger grip contours, and a no-slip grip for easy control and torch dexterity. The 80-degree handle provides natural arm and elbow positioning while cutting, and an exclusive flexible cable with improved bend radius and flexibility is designed to increase comfort.

The Miller XT Plasma torches are also designed to reduce total cost of ownership by making consumables last longer. The new electrode provides concentricity, smooth movement, better cutting performance, and increased life, Miller stated, and a robust tip lasts longer and optimizes arc performance. The industry’s 30-amp drag shield also increases tip life and simplifies template cutting, according to the company. By converting to the deflector and holding a 1/16-inch stand-off, users will have good arc visibility while cutting with no additional consumables to change. The retaining cup’s quick turn feature offers ease and convenience when it’s time to change consumables.