Herkules Equipment Corporation offers its K900P, a portable vehicle lift. This lift is equipped with a hitch, handle, and wheels, which allow a technician to move the lift to wherever it's needed. The lift is ready to operate after hooking it up to an air line.

The K900P is powered by Herkules Air Bag technology, a maintenance-free power source. The lift is safe to use inside paint booths, and removes the possibility of any contaminants ruining a paint job, according to the company. There are no fluids to clean up or cylinders to replace. The heavy-duty air bags are durable and provide all the lifting power.  

Raising the vehicle up to an ergonomically correct working height, the K900P Lift eliminates the need to bend over, kneel, or squat to work on a vehicle. The lift’s lowered height of 3.6 feet can accommodate low-clearance vehicles.

Features of the K900P Lift include: adjustable support arms; safety stops; air release valve; hitch, handle and wheels; rubber blocks; easy controls; 6,000 lb. capacity; 3.6 feet lowered; 29 feet raised; Requires 60-120 psi.