The City of Chicago has broken ground on the construction of its new Fleet and Facility Management (2FM) headquarters. The facility will be built on a 12.5-acre site, and will include space for the repair and maintenance of city equipment, administrative offices, a carpenter shop, a sheet metal shop, a blacksmith shop, and a paint shop.

In 2016, Mayor Rahm Emanuel directed 2FM to review the configuration and operation of the city's mainteance shops to improve operational efficiency. One maintenance shop was identified as being underutilized.

The site was sold to a developer for $104.4 million in October 2017, and a portion of the proceeds will fully find the construction of 2FM's new headquarters, as well as a heavy-duty vehicle repair shop and a city fueling station. The three new sites are expected to to reduce operational costs and make 2FM's delivery of services more efficient.

In December 2017, the city entered into an agreement with AECOM-Hunt for the design, construction, and turnkey delivery of the three new 2FM facilities at a guaranteed maximum price of $40.5 million.