Photo of Chicago's Goose Island Fleet and Facility Management building via public domain

Photo of Chicago's Goose Island Fleet and Facility Management building via public domain

Chicago City Council approved a contract to design and build three fleet sites: a main heavy-duty vehicle repair facility, a satellite heavy-duty vehicle repair facility, and a fueling station.

The main heavy-duty vehicle repair facility will be constructed in the Englewood neighborhood on the south side of the city. When the decision to relocate was first announced, Mayor Rahm Emanuel noted that the move to the south side is expected to spur economic development in the area.

The 155,000-square-foot facility will include a vehicle workshop with 98 maintenance bays and supporting administrative space. The city will provide two 100,000-lb. parallelogram lifts, two five-ton swing-arm cranes, a paint booth, a wash bay, a decal workshop, a blacksmith workshop, a NAPA store, and storage for oil/fluids and tools, according to city documents. 11 maintenance bays will be supported by a 7.5-ton overhead crane.

Administrative functions at the main facility will include a dispatch room, community room, locker and shower rooms, a commissioner's office, and offices for foremen and directors. Outside of the facility, AECOM will build a staff parking lot with 160 spaces and a heavy-duty vehicle parking lot to accommodate 20 fire trucks.

The satellite repair facility will be built on the north side of the Chicago, near the airport. It will include 26 maintenance bays, with four of those bays supported by a 7.5-ton overhead crane. The workshop will also include a wash bay, NAPA store, oil/fluids storage, and utility closets. Administrative spaces include open office space, men's and women's locker/shower rooms, and a manager's office.

The fueling station will be built on Goose Island near the city's old Fleet and Facility Management building. It will include four fueling islands that dispense unleaded gasoline, diesel, E85, and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).