A.R.E. teamed up with GreenGo Tek (GGT) to create an all-electric commercial truck that features a lightweight aluminum truck cap for tools and equipment. The lightweight aluminum truck cover allows operators to have maximum driving range.

GGT trucks' load capacity is 3,000 lbs., which includes the weight of the vehicle, the cap, and its contents. For off-road use, payload capacity is 2,500 lbs. Because A.R.E. units are lightweight, GGT truck bodies require no suspension modifications, GGT CEO Ray Leduc said.

According to GGT, its electric trucks can be used to replace the Ford Ranger/Chevrolet S10-sized trucks, which both OEMs have discontinued. 

The typical turn-around is two to four weeks per order. A.R.E. deluxe commercial units (DCUs) are upfitted at the GGT facility where any external lights or inverters are installed before the vehicles are shipped to GGT customers. 

Originally posted on Trucking Info