LeeBoy 8816B Asphalt Paver

The 25,000-lb. LeeBoy 8816B features a Tier 3 130 hp Cummins turbodiesel engine with an 8- to 15.5-foot paving width and 10-ton receiving hopper capacity. It also features dual operator stations with slide-out capability, as well as all CAN Bus and Plus 1-controlled paver functions, including steering. Two independent under-auger cut-off doors are included, as well as fail-safe brakes with an anti-creep function.

The 8816B's heavy-duty heated and vibrating Legend Screed System is powered by an on-board generator and offers a choice of electric or propane-fueled heating systems; no flame, fuel, or fumes in the heating process; and consistent temperature control. The adjustable screed system also features a 10-percent sloping feature.



Caterpillar AP555E Asphalt Paver

Caterpillar's AP555E Asphalt Paver incorporates a compact, lighter design with a Cat 4.4 turbocharged diesel engine, providing 142 hp of power with ACERT technology, which is compliant with the U.S. EPA Tier 3 emissions regulations governing off-road machines. Dual swing-out operating stations combined with tilting consoles and a low profile-designed cooling system add increased forward visibility for the operator. The AP555E also features a Mobil-trac undercarriage, belt-driven generator, and a material handling system with independent auger and conveyor controls.

The Advisor Monitoring System (AMS) on the left operating station provides an interactive interface that includes project planning calculators, start-up checklists, engine operating conditions, and fault codes for machine functions. In addition, the AP555E can be equipped with the AS2252C screed with front-mounted extenders and an operating weight of 35,290 lbs., or with the AS3251C screed that features rear-mounted extenders and an operating weight of 35,810 lbs.



Asphalt Zipper

Asphalt Zipper's new 6-foot Asphalt Zipper features a new wheel loader reclaimer attachment in a 6-foot width. The new attachment retains the power and capability of a large reclaimer attachment and is powered by a 203 hp Cummins diesel engine with 695 lbs. of torque. It can work more than 6,000 square feet of 6-8 inch-deep asphalt per hour, with a total cutting depth of 12 inches. Some uses include full roads, patches, base stabilization, and utility trenches. The wheel loader reclaimer attachment mounts quickly and easily to the bucket of a loader and tows to the location on its own trailer, according to the manufacturer.


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