Photo via Facebook/Chatham County Sheriff's Office.

Photo via Facebook/Chatham County Sheriff's Office.


The Chatham County (Ga.) Sheriff's Office should reduce its "relatively large motor fleet," a review from a consulting firm found.

In a financial and efficiency review,  The sheriff's office has 24 passenger vehicles at the center. The review asked the sheriff's office to conduct a utilization review and eliminate passenger vehicles not needed for active daily use. While resale value will not be substantial due to older vehicles, consultants expect a substantial reduction in maintenance costs if the older vehicles are sold.

The report also recommended the fleet reduce its fleet age to three years — the current average fleet age is five years.

Additionally, consultants noted that all personnel of the rank of lieutenant or above receive take-home vehicles. They advised the sheriff's office to either assign take-home when there is a need for emergency purposes or to add take-home vehicles to the county's compensation ordinance if they are being used as part of a compensation package.