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Vehicle Replacement

Va. City to Upgrade Aging Fleet with $3.8M

The City of Norfolk, Va., will be investing $3.8 million to update its aging equipment and vehicles thanks to an 10-cent increase in real estate taxes.

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New Tool Helps Fleets Plan Replacements

The City of Columbus, Ohio, partnered with Ohio State University students and Utilimarc to provide the fleet industry with a tool to help plan replacements.

The City of Jamestown's Early Efforts at Centralization

A new fleet management software system is allowing the City of Jamestown, N.Y., Division of Fleet Services to make improvements, including early efforts at centralization.

Indianapolis Begins Replacing Vision Fleet Vehicles

Indianapolis City-County Council approved $1.27 million to purchase and equip 50 vehicles, replacing some of the leased electric and plug-in cars from a controversial agreement with Vision Fleet.

Texas City May Outsource Utility Due to High Fleet Costs

Bringing its fleet of electric utility trucks up to the necessary safety standards would cost an estimated $700,000. The City of Gonzales (Texas) will determine whether it is more affordable to outsource all utility operations.

Texas City Reports $24.8M in Fleet Damage from Hurricane Harvey

To date, the City of Port Arthur, Texas, has spent $4.9 million on vehicle and equipment replacements. In total, 55% of the fleet has been repaired and has been placed in service.

N.C. County Approves Nearly $4M for Equipment Replacements

The Gaston County (N.C.) Board of Commissioners approved up to $3.9 million for the lease and finance of rolling stock and equipment. Generally, county vehicles are replaced after about 150,000 miles.

Colorado Springs Police Seeks Additional $1.1M for Vehicles

More than a quarter of the Colorado Springs (Colo.) Police Department’s 600 vehicles have surpassed their suggested life cycles, and the $950,000 budgeted is not enough to cover necessary replacements.

S.C. County Signs Leasing Contract

Under the agreement with Enterprise Fleet Management, Williamsburg County, S.C., will receive 20 new vehicles every year for the next five years.

N.Y. County to Save $400K With Leasing Initiative

Cattaraugus County (N.Y.) expects to save nearly $400,000 in its 2018 budget by leasing 31 vehicles rather than buying them outright.