The City of Ogdensubrg, N.Y., will move forward with fleet leasing to renew its fleet and reduce operational costs, as recommended by its state financial restructuring board, North Country Now reported. The city will piggyback off an Enterprise contract from a neighboring county.

According to the proposal from Enterprise Fleet Management, the city has 40 light- and medium-duty vehicles, including police cars. About 86% of the current fleet is more than five years old, with a replacement age of more than 14 years. An open-ended lease with the company would allow the city to obtain new vehicles while avoiding a large capital budget outlay, replace aged vehicles with newer and safer models to increase fuel efficiency and reduce maintenance costs, and establish a proactive replacement plan that maximizes potential equity at the time of resale. Enterprise estimates this plan would allow the city to save $1.27 million over eight years, reduce fleet replacement cycle from 14 to five years, and increase vehicle visibility and tracking.

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