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Take-Home Vehicles

Albuquerque PD May Expand Take-Home Vehicle Use

A spokesman for the the Albuquerque (N.M.) Police Department said the new take-home policy may allow officers to use their vehicles while in the community coaching youth league teams or being involved in faith-based organizations.

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Ind. City Expands Take-Home Police Car Program

The City of Elkhart, Ind., established a new program beginning Jan. 1 that allows more officers to have take-home cars. The majority of officers now have them.

Miss. City Reconsiders Take-Home Vehicle Policy

The City of Waveland, Miss., may change its take-home vehicle policy, and is considering charging employees a use tax to cover vehicle costs.

N.C. Police Department Gets a Boost with Take-Home Vehicles

By implementing a take-home police vehicle program, the Wilmington Police Department (N.C.) is keeping vehicles longer and increasing officer morale.

Bright Ideas: Fleet Manager Creates Innovative Vehicle Justification Model

When David Vasquez created a vehicle justification model to better assess take-home vehicle need, he not only lowered costs by avoiding excess commuter miles, but also gained a better handle on costs of ownership.

Average Monthly Personal Use Charges Increase to $108

The number of fleets restricting personal use of company-provided vehicles decreased from 2008 to 2009.

Public Sector Fleets:Take-Home Vehicles: Ending the Culture of Entitlement

When the price of fuel is low and budgets are flush, the issue of take-home vehicles slips under the public radar. However, today’s elevated fuel prices and stretched budgets are prompting the local media and elected officials to question unnecessary use of government vehicles. As a result, there have been a number of backlashes against take-home vehicles around the country.