The City of Buffalo, N.Y., has purchased 10 new firefighting vehicles, including a rehab/mass casualty incident vehicle, one EMS response vehicle, five command response vehicles, an urban search and rescue vehicle, and two Segways. The total cost for these vehicles was $643,742.

In March, the City purchased a new field communication unit and an aerial truck at a cost of $1.1 million. Buffalo has invested a total of $16.7 million in the replacement and augmentation of its fire department entire fleet since 2006, according to the mayor’s office.

The breakdown of costs for the new vehicles is $99,000 for the urban search and rescue vehicle, $37,000 for the EMS response vehicle, $185,000 total for the command response vehicles ($37,000 apiece), $307,742 for the rehab/mass casualty incident vehicle, and $15,000 total for the Segways.

The rehab/mass casualty incident vehicle is designed to respond to major fires or emergencies where the health and safety of firefighters at the scene may be in danger due to weather or the nature of the incident itself. The Urban Search and Rescue vehicle is designed for locating, extricating, and providing immediate on-scene medical help to people who have become trapped in confined spaces because of structural collapses; transportation accidents; or natural disasters. The Segways are designed to allow the City’s fire department to respond quickly to emergency situations.