GM Fleet is now being reimagined as a one-stop business-to-business/business-to-government partner. - Photo: GM Fleet

GM Fleet is now being reimagined as a one-stop business-to-business/business-to-government partner.  

Photo: GM Fleet

As the fleet world continues to expand and evolve, GM is gearing up for a new way to help customers streamline their operations while meeting environmental goals and working toward improved driver safety. Enter GM Envolve, a one-stop customer experience, designed with input from customers and dealers to make it easier to tap into all of GM's products and services.

At GM's annual Fleet Solutions Summit, Steve Carlisle, president, GM North America, introduced GM Envolve to an audience of nearly 850 business customers and dealers, noting that GM Fleet is being reimagined as a one-stop business-to-business/business-to-government (B2B/B2G) partner.

"GM Envolve will leverage the complete power of General Motors to offer the best solutions to customers and further reinforce why we've increased our fleet sales for five consecutive quarters," said Carlisle. "Today begins the GM Envolve journey, where we will bring our customers in to create tailored solutions to meet their unique business challenges."

GM Making Strides in U.S. Fleet and Commercial Sales

GM Fleet acheived its best first quarter of commercial fleet sales since 2006, according to the automotive manufacturing company. Now the company is ready to push forward with the creation of this new business unit. 

GM Envolve was created with the goal to prepare customers to stay ahead of change through a streamlined set of products and services tailored to their business' current and future needs. Through this approach, GM expects to gain operating efficiencies and create more revenue-generating opportunities with current and future customers.

​​GM Envolve will prepare customers for an all-electric future, while also managing their ICE fleets. - Photo: GM

​​GM Envolve will prepare customers for an all-electric future, while also managing their ICE fleets.

Photo: GM

Simplifying the Experience with a Single Sales Touchpoint

Customers will have access to the connected GM ecosystem through a single account executive. This single sales touchpoint is meant to simplify the purchasing experience and function as an extension of the customer's team. In turn, this is expected to bring in new energy and ideas while problem-solving with a holistic mindset.

Account executives will be backed by a team of experts to help identify and curate a package of GM's technologies and solutions for each customer's business. GM Envolve customers can also manage their GM portfolio through an upcoming digital platform.

"At AutoZone, we have and will forever be committed to supporting a more sustainable world for all and for generations to come," said Bill Rhodes, chairman, president, and CEO of AutoZone Inc. "Today, we experience the positive impacts GM has on our business by purchasing their vehicles, parts and telematics services. Still, we see the potential for accelerated growth through collaboration with GM Envolve and energy and mobility solutions."

Tailored solutions will draw from the entire GM enterprise portfolio of commercial products and services. - Photo: GM

Tailored solutions will draw from the entire GM enterprise portfolio of commercial products and services.

Photo: GM

Multiple Solutions Under One Accessible Umbrella

With GM Envolve, customers will easily be able to access every GM platform and solution, for both ICE and EV vehicles

  • Mobility: Products and services designed to keep businesses moving in smarter, more productive ways through our vehicle brands, GM Genuine Parts, AC Delco and Certified Service and Accessories.
  • Energy: A comprehensive set of solutions designed to provide commercial operations with greater energy management and resiliency through holistic offerings including stationary storage, integrated charging, cloud management, and GM's HYDROTEC fuel cell technology.
  • Delivery: A portfolio of hardware and software solutions, through Brightorop, designed to revolutionize commercial delivery and logistics, and create a smarter, safer, more sustainable movement of goods.
  • Insight: Intelligent software designed to optimize operations through data-driven insights, while protecting people and assets, through OnStar Business Solutions.
  • Growth: Holistic consultancy services designed to help customers maximize performance and accelerate new growth, through our deep knowledge of products, EV infrastructure, energy, finance, sustainability, tech and more.

GM Envolve will be led by Steve Hill, vice president of GM's commercial growth strategies and operations, and Ed Peper will lead day-to-day operations and all fleet vehicle sales as U.S. vice president of GM Envolve. GM will continue to refine the experience and offerings of GM Envolve in collaboration with customers.

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