Fleets are prepping for snow and ice by doing maintenance on snow plows, upfitting vehicles for...

Fleets are prepping for snow and ice by doing maintenance on snow plows, upfitting vehicles for winter weather response, and purchasing new vehicles and equipment.

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Fleets across the country are gearing up for winter weather, as October comes to a close and temperatures cool down. Here's a look at how several fleets are prepping.

Springfield, Ohio, Snow Plow Fleet Undergoing Maintenance

The Springfield, Ohio, snow plow fleet is undergoing maintenance for the season ahead. Service Department Director Chris Moore told WDTN that the vehicles used as snow plows are transitioning from the duties they serve in the warm months. Technicians are running thorough inspections and installing and calibrating de-icing equipment.

The city uses more than 30 vehicles for snow plow operations. Along with the plow fleet, the city also has 3,100 tons of salt in its reservces.

Moore said the goal is to get enough trucks equipped to plow the city's 14 snow routes before November 1.

Casper, Wyoming, to Replace Aging Winter Weather Fleet

The Casper, Wyoming, City Council authorized purchases for new equipment and vehicles to be used for winter weather response on October 18. The purchases will replace aging equipment.

The city will purchase a 3,000 ton-per-hour LaRue loader-mounted snowblower, according to city council documents. The city will trade in a 14-year-old snowblower to offset the cost of the new equipment, which will bring the total to $229,850. The new snowblower will be used by the streets and traffic division to remove windrows made from plowing snow to the middle of the street, according to Oil City News. It will allow the division to maintain two loader-mounted snowblowers in its fleet.

Additionally, the council authorized the purchase of a one-ton 4x4 2023 Ford F-350 pickup with a snow plow, dump bed, and accessories for $88,189. The weed and pest division will use the vehicle for all snow-related weather events. It will be the main salt truck for all public facilities maintained by the city. It will also be used to pull mowers for rough-area mowing in areas off of pathways, interstate ramps, and other city-owned and maintained lots, according to a staff memo.

The council also authorized the purchase of three new golf course greens mowers to be used at the Capser Municipal Golf Course. Those will come at a cost of $167,982 before trade-in.

City of Cleveland, Ohio, to Utilize New Software

The city of Cleveland, Ohio, will use new software for its snow plows. WKYC reports that the software will show snow plow drivers which roadways neew plowing. A scheduling system will allow them to respond to those areas as quickly as possible.

The city also purchased new trucks, but is waiting on them to arrive. A city councilman told WKYC that until those arrive, there is a backup plan in place. Four divisions will loan their vehicles to be upfitted for snow removal if needed.

The city is also beginning training for snow plow drivers, and is ahead of schedule with hiring those drivers.

Kansas City, Missouri, to Grow Winter Vehicle Fleet

The Kansas City, Missouri, fleet of vehicles used for winter weather response is growing. According to the Kansas City Star, the city will add 50 new vehicles to its snow removal team.

That will include upffiting existing vehicles in the city fleet for snow plow operations. It will also include rebuilding the exisint gsnow removal fleet with newer plows. The city currently has 290 snow removal vehicles to cover 37 main routes and 66 residential routes.

The main routes will be treated by large dump trucks, snow plows with a minimum of 10 ft of coverage, and a plow and salt. Residential routes will be treated with smaller pickup trucks, as well as larger trucks where possible. The trucks will have a 7.5 ft width, as well as a plow and salt.

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