Ken Lett

Ken Lett

Photo: City of Alexandria

A new position has been added to the management team for the Fleet Management Division for the City of Alexandria, Virginia. Ken Lett joined the team on June 21, according to Fleet Management Division Chief Darryl Syler.

Syler joined the Fleet Management Division in Alexandria in January, and was tasked with bringing the city's fleet operations under a single roof. Part of that process meant focusing the division's business model to consolidate all of the purchasing, from start to finish, in the department. In order to make that happen, Syler created the Fleet Acquisitions Manager position. Lett will oversee all specs and purchasing of vehicles and equipment for the city.

“We are pleased to have Ken Join us”, Syler said.

Lett is a member of NAFA Fleet Management Association and the American Public Works Association (APWA). Lett started his career with Psychotherapeutic Outreach Services in Washington D.C, where he was ultimately responsible for all vehicle and equipment purchases. He worked with the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority for over 12 years in a variety of roles including Property Management Specialist, Project Manager, Contracting Officer Technical Representative, and most recently as an Operations Specialist (Land and Airside).

As a property management specialist, Lett was responsible for inventory management and property disposal. As a project manager for the airport manager’s office, he was tasked with reviewing processes and generating revenue for the Authority, which included research on transitioning the organization’s fleet to hybrid and electric vehicles. He worked for Arlington County as a contract compliance specialist and management analyst that oversaw contracts, budget, human resources, operations, and fleet for Parks and Natural Resources.

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