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Photo: NYC

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has announced a reduction of the city's fleet by at least 855 vehicles in an effort to save taxpayer dollars and reduce carbon emissions. The 4% reduction of the on-road fleet will focus on non-emergency vehicles and will reduce the city's fleet size to the size it was during the Bloomberg administration (2002-2013).

The plan is expected to result in 5.13 million fewer miles driven per year — representing a 2,072 metric ton reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, according to a press release.

“We want to encourage New Yorkers to get out of their cars and use alternative forms of transportation — and the city must lead by example,” said Mayor Adams.

Reductions will be made based on vehicle usage data, tracked by the New York City Department of Adminstrative Services' (DCAS) vehicle telematics system, which provides real-time insight into the entire city fleet and how it is being used. Vehicles that are underutilized will be prioritized for removal from the fleet.

“Right-sizing the fleet and reducing the number of take-home vehicles will protect our environment, save money, and help make city government work for all New Yorkers," said Dawn Pinnock, New York City DCAS commissioner.

The city of New York’s fleet currently consists of 24,526 on-road vehicles. On-road vehicles include 9,579 (39.1%) emergency vehicles, 7,893 (32.2%) agency work trucks, 2,648 (10.8%) sanitation trucks and sweepers, and 4,406 (18%) general use cars. The reduction will focus on general use cars and will not impact emergency vehicles or other specialized units that provide critical services to New Yorkers.  

The changes will be completed by September 1, and the vehicles will be removed from the fleet and auctioned off by December 31.

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