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The City of Lakeland, Florida, is piloting smart tire technology from Revvo Technologies to reduce tire-related downtime, according to the company.

The pilot deployment is focused on improving operational efficiency, safety, and costs associated with tire-related downtime. Operating a solid waste fleet has many challenges, one of which is ensuring tires are inspected and safe for use. Tire conditions are often poorly documented in pre and post trip inspections and missed issues can lead to downtime or costly road calls during service.

“Being able to see our tire status in real-time on top of scheduled pre- and post-trip tire inspections will not only help improve the efficiency of our tire vendor but should help reduce tire-related downtime and road calls,” said Gary McLean, fleet manager for the city.

Revvo, a smart tire technology and predictive data analytics company, has developed technology that captures data from every rotation of every tire to determine the remaining life of each tire, discover causes of significant wear, and alert fleet management of actions to prolong each tire’s life. Revvo’s smart tire platform automatically identifies the tires on vehicles in need of service, repair, or replacement, thus reducing both technician time and vehicle downtime. Fleet operators are also provided with real-time alerts whenever a tire on a vehicle in-service is experiencing an issue. This gives drivers the chance to move the vehicle to safety, avoiding danger and risk.

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